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Chemical Compound Review

Isotazin     N,N-diethyl-1-phenothiazin- 10-yl-propan-2...

Synonyms: Lysivane, Parcidol, Pardidol, Parkisol, Parsidan, ...
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High impact information on Parfezin

  • The volume of the butyrylcholinesterase active site gorge is approximately 200 A3 larger than that of the acetylcholinesterase gorge, which allows the accommodation of ethopropazine in two different orientations as demonstrated by rigid-body refinement and molecular dynamics calculations [2].
  • Volume calculations for the active site gorge showed that the poor inhibitory activity of ethopropazine toward acetylcholinesterase was due to the smaller dimension of the active site gorge which was unable to accommodate the bulky inhibitor molecule [2].
  • In one group of controls ethopropazine was used to inhibit pseudocholinesterases and in another group BW 284C 51 was used to inhibit acetylcholinesterase (AChE) [3].
  • For the analysis of the data in the presence of ethopropazine at two temperatures, we have enlarged the reaction scheme to allow primarily its competition with the substrate at the peripheral site, but the competition at the acylation site was not excluded [4].
  • Cholinesterase inhibitors Ro 2-1250 and Ro 2-0638 inhibited both canine cholinesterases, while huperzine A preferentially inhibited canine AChE and ethopropazine inhibited canine BuChE [5].

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Gene context of Parfezin

  • More than 97% of AChE activity was inhibited by 10 microM eserine or BW284C51, but only 53% of the activity was inhibited by ethopropazine at the same concentration [18].
  • Ethopropazine totally depressed the pseudo ChE activity from horse serum at a concentration of 5 X 10(-5) M [14].
  • An inhibition study with specific pseudo-chE inhibitor (ethopropazine), or with anti-human pseudo-chE sera, has produced evidence that this genetically variant chE is pseudo-chE [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Parfezin


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