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Chemical Compound Review

Lutalyse     2-amino-2- (hydroxymethyl)propane-1,3- diol;...

Synonyms: Dinolytic, Ensaprost, Zinoprost, Prostamate, Prostalmon F, ...
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Disease relevance of Enzaprost F


Psychiatry related information on Enzaprost F


High impact information on Enzaprost F

  • On Days 9-11, the rats received twice daily injections of saline, PGF (Lutalyse, 250 microg/injection), or PRL (312 microg/injection) to induce luteal regression [5].
  • Sows were assigned to one of eight treatments on d 90 of gestation that included variables such as parity (1 vs. >/=3), dietary fat (0 vs. 10%), and farrowing (natural vs. induction via lutalyse on d 112) [6].
  • On the test day (day 46 or 47 of pseudopregnancy) animals were injected with 3 ml saline (n=5) or 15 mg of PGF(2alpha) (Lutalyse, Upjohn; n=6) intramuscularly [7].
  • Interaction of hCG and Lutalyse on steroidogenesis of bovine luteal cells [8].
  • In conclusion, the luteotropic effects of hCG were incapable of preventing Lutalyse-induced regression of the corpus luteum, and treatment of animals with hCG prior to Lutalyse administration could not prevent the significant decrease in responsiveness of luteal cells in vitro [8].

Biological context of Enzaprost F


Anatomical context of Enzaprost F

  • The effect of lutalyse on the training of sexually inexperienced boars for semen collection [4].
  • Cows that had 3 consecutive high tests (>5 ng/ml) were assumed to have persistent corpora lutea (CL) and were treated with 5 ml PGF(2)alpha (Lutalyse, 5 mg/ml) [14].
  • The obtained results expressed in per cent indicate that Estrumate exerts a greater effects on the parietal cells in the abomasal mucosa in sheep and Lutalyse stimulates more strongly the chief cells, as reflected in increased proteolytic power of the studied juice [3].

Associations of Enzaprost F with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Enzaprost F

  • Holstein heifers were treated with PGF2 alpha (25 mg Lutalyse) on Day 6 or Day 7 of the oestrous cycle and corpora lutea were collected 0 h, 2 h, 12 h, and 24 h later (n = 6, 4, 4, and 4 respectively) [20].
  • It is concluded that either SMB containing norgestomet or a CIDR containing progesterone alters luteal secretion of PGE2, Lutalyse lowers luteal weights in the induced estrous cycle, and NO or ET-1 given alone are not luteolytic agents [21].
  • A study was conducted on 40 buffalo-cows, assigned randomly, immediately after calving into three groups: group I (n = 10) injected with saline and taken as control; group II (n = 15) received 25 mg PGF2 alpha/animal (Lutalyse); group III (n = 15) received 25 mg PGF2 alpha + 25 i.u. oxytocin/animal (Syntocinon), single i.m. dose [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Enzaprost F


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