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Chemical Compound Review

Partocon     1-[[19-amino-10-(2- aminocarbonylethyl)-7...

Synonyms: Presoxin, Synpitan, Syntocin, Uteracon, Oxtocin, ...
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Disease relevance of Syntocinon


Psychiatry related information on Syntocinon


High impact information on Syntocinon

  • Immunocytochemical studies with an antiserum against synthetic oxytocin-like molecule provided the cytological basis for existence of a neuropeptide, since large amounts of immunoreactive neurons were detected in the central nervous systems of E. octoculata [8].
  • A dual mechanism of action of ocytocin in rat epididymal fat cells [9].
  • Synthetic oxytocin (OT) was infused iv in four men at 3 mU/min, and the rate was doubled every 90 min for a total of three infusion periods [10].
  • The PRF material could be separated from oxytocin by gel sieving and was active in the presence of dopamine in vitro unlike synthetic oxytocin and in cell preparations in which the oxytocin-responsive lactotrophs had been removed by selective cytotoxin cell targeting using an oxytocin-ricin A chain cytotoxic conjugate [11].
  • The binding of ocytocin, vasopressin, and the tripeptide analogue of the N-terminal sequence of ocytocin, Cys(S-Me)-Tyr-Ile-NH2, results in an increase of S020,W and a decrease in both the reduced viscosity and rotational relaxation time of the bis-liganded dimeric species vs. the nonliganded form [12].

Biological context of Syntocinon

  • Effect of 48-hour infusion of the synthetic oxytocin antagonist, [1-beta-mercapto(beta-(CH2)5)1(OMe)Tyr2,Orn8]-oxytocin, on myometrial activity of pregnant sheep at 139-140 days of gestation [13].
  • Six patients in the saline group had unsatisfactory uterine contraction compared with none in the syntocinon group (p = 0.025) [14].
  • OBJECTIVE: To compare intravenous oxytocin administration (Partocon 10 IU) with saline solution in the management of postpartum haemorrhage in the third stage of labour [15].
  • The effect of three anaesthetic techniques on blood loss and intra-uterine pressure changes in response to Syntocinon were studied in patients undergoing routine first trimester suction termination of pregnancy [16].
  • They were allocated randomly to one of two groups to receive either 1 ml (10 units) of syntocinon or 1 ml of saline (placebo) after cervical dilatation [14].

Anatomical context of Syntocinon

  • 1 The inhibitory effect of a commercial preparation of oxytocin (Syntocinon) was studied on the isolated vas deferens of the rat [17].
  • 4. Applied through paired perspex rings placed across the ventral surface of the brain stem, nicotine again produced release of vasopressin without ocytocin [18].
  • Patients in spontaneous labour had significantly lower beta-ELI than patients who had either artificial rupture of membranes or Syntocinon augmentation of labour [19].
  • In one patient, the cervix failed to dilate in spite of prolonged Pitocin infusion which did not induce significant uterine contractions, and the infusion did not reverse the marked fall in plasma PGFM after the early but transient rise [20].
  • The purpose of this study was to determine possible genotoxic and cytotoxic (or mitogenic) effects of high concentrations of oxytocin, active component of Syntocinon in cultures of human peripheral blood lymphocytes [21].

Associations of Syntocinon with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Syntocinon

  • Using retrodialysis, blockade of endogenous oxytocin action by infusion of an oxytocin receptor antagonist (des-Gly-NH2,d(CH2)5[Tyr(Me)2,Thr4]OVT) into the PVN or CeA reduced maternal aggression of HAB dams, whereas infusion of synthetic oxytocin into the PVN tended to increase aggression toward the intruder in LAB dams [26].
  • In the present vehicle-controlled study, we assessed the influence of a selective oxytocin receptor antagonist (des-Gly-NH2d(CH2)5 [Tyr(Me)2,Thr4] OVT; 0.75 microg/5 microl) or of synthetic oxytocin (0.1 microg and 1 microg/5 microl), infused into the lateral ventricle (i.c.v.), on the sleep pattern in male Wistar rats (n=7) [27].
  • Posterior pituitary extract (0.01-0.5 equivalent) from hens in each of the various stages of the reproductive cycle induced a concentration dependent PRL release [28].
  • In addition, immunohistochemical detection of the neuropeptides ocytocin and cholecystokinin was carried out on sections hybridized non-radioactively for vasopressin; as expected vasopressin mRNA did not co-exist with cholecystokinin, whereas a few oxytocin immunoreactive neurons in osmotically stimulated animals also contained vasopressin mRNA [29].
  • We conclude that translation of pro-ocytocin-neurophysin mRNA takes place soon after transcription and we propose that incomplete processing could be responsible for the low level of ocytocin in the early bovine corpus luteum [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Syntocinon


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