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Chemical Compound Review

ZILEUTON     1-(1-benzothiophen-2- ylethyl)-1-hydroxy-urea

Synonyms: Leutrol, Ziluton, Zileutonum, Zyflo, CHEMBL93, ...
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Disease relevance of Leutrol


High impact information on Leutrol

  • Eight subjects with allergic rhinitis underwent nasal challenge on two occasions after an oral dose of 800 mg of A-64077 or an identical-appearing placebo [1].
  • In concert with the selective inhibition of 5-lipoxygenase by A-64077, the amount of cold, dry air (expressed as respiratory heat exchange) required to reduce the forced expiratory volume in one second by 10 percent was increased by 47 percent after A-64077 (3.0 kJ per minute for placebo vs. 4.4 kJ per minute for A-64077, P less than 0.002) [2].
  • In contrast, pretreatment with the leukotriene (LT) synthesis inhibitor, A-64077, completely blocked neutrophil but not eosinophil migration in response to SP [6].
  • 4y was more potent in vitro in human whole blood and in rat blood ex vivo at 3 h than either the 5-LPO inhibitor A-64077 or the FLAP antagonist MK-886 [7].
  • Both indomethacin and pyrilamine reduced (7-10% of BaCl maximum; p <0.05) the contractile response of sensitized ureter to antigen, whereas A-64077 did not [8].

Biological context of Leutrol


Anatomical context of Leutrol


Associations of Leutrol with other chemical compounds

  • The effect of a single oral dose (800 mg) of zileuton (A-64077), a specific 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor, on the early and late airway responses to inhaled allergen was studied in a randomised, double blind, placebo controlled, and crossover trial in nine subjects with atopic asthma [12].

Gene context of Leutrol


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