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Chemical Compound Review

Cheladrate     disodium 2-[2-(carboxylatomethyl...

Synonyms: Chelaplex III, Complexon III, Chelaton III, Endrate (TN), AG-G-37723, ...
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  • Diprivan contains disodium edetate and has a pH of 7-8.5, while the Gensia product contains sodium metabisulphite and is formulated to a pH of 4.5-6 [18].
  • The application of these methods to autoclaved solutions containing PM nitrate and disodium edetate demonstrates that under the conditions of heat sterilization the phenylmercuric ion is degraded to mercuric ion and benzene to the extent of 15% at pH 8, 80% at pH 7 and completely degraded at pH 5 and 6 [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Edathamil


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