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Chemical Compound Review

Torbafilina     7-(ethoxymethyl)-1-(5- hydroxy-5-methyl...

Synonyms: Torbafylline, Torbafyllinum, SureCN93832, CHEMBL2104934, AC1L246H, ...
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Disease relevance of Torbafylline

  • Effects of torbafylline on muscle atrophy: prevention and recovery [1].
  • Torbafylline might thus prove effective in stimulating muscle regeneration in myopathy [2].
  • These data indicate a possible role for torbafylline as an adjunct to exercise therapy for chronic muscle ischemia [3].
  • Torbafylline treatment had little further effect on ischemic muscles subjected to mild stimulation, which on its own improved functional hyperemia, resistance to fatigue, and the capillaries per fibre ratio in tibialis anterior, although it did significantly increase the capillary per fibre ratio in extensor digitorum longus [3].
  • The effects of torbafylline [7-ethoxymethyl-1-(5-hydroxy-5-methylhexyl)3-methylxanthine] on the above parameters were studied after chronic oral gavage (25 mg/kg body weight per day); treatment started the day after surgery and the last drug application was performed the day of the final experiments [4].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Torbafylline

  • 3. The percentage of glycolytic fibres was not changed by ligation, but it decreased significantly in animals treated with torbafylline [16].


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