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Chemical Compound Review

bufomedil     4-pyrrolidin-1-yl-1-(2,4,6...

Synonyms: Buflomedil, blufomedil, Buflomedilum, CHEMBL188921, SureCN150905, ...
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Disease relevance of Buflomedil


Psychiatry related information on Buflomedil

  • The pharmacological effects of buflomedil in patients with multi-cerebral infarcts dementia: an open, preliminary assessment [5].
  • In conclusion, buflomedil is as effective or more effective than dihydrogenated ergot alkaloids in the treatment of senile dementia associated with cerebrovascular insufficiency and could prove a valuable addition to long-term therapy if further studies support the trend shown in this study [6].
  • Psychometric investigations demonstrated that after 50 mg buflomedil i.v. there was a significant improvement as compared with placebo in cognitive function based on the Pauli test as well as an increase in correct reactions in the alphabetical reaction test [7].
  • The efficacy of buflomedil was monitored using rating scales and neuropsychological tests [8].
  • Compared with placebo, buflomedil showed a clear superiority with regard to improvement in cognitive dysfunction and psychosomatic dysfunction, with a trend toward statistical significance in improvement in interpersonal relations [9].

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Chemical compound and disease context of Buflomedil


Biological context of Buflomedil


Anatomical context of Buflomedil


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Gene context of Buflomedil

  • The activity of three enzymes was measured (acetylcholinesterase - Ache, dehydrogenase glucoso-6-phosphate - G-6-PD and gluthatione reductase - GR) for both bfl and TCDD-treated RBC [27].
  • Buflomedil (except at supra-therapeutic concentrations) exerted no effect on endothelin release by HUVECS [28].
  • Experience with buflomedil in peripheral arterial occlusive disease [29].
  • In vitro incubation of PRP with buflomedil in concentrations above 10 mumol/l resulted in a significant depression of PA to approximately one-third of the control [30].
  • Buflomedil dosage was elevated to 6.3 mg/l (N = 4-4.5 mg/l) [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Buflomedil


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