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Chemical Compound Review

Isobutylamide     2-methylpropanamide

Synonyms: Isobutyramide, PubChem21345, CHEMBL352219, NSC-8423, ACMC-1ARSC, ...
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Disease relevance of isobutyramide


High impact information on isobutyramide


Chemical compound and disease context of isobutyramide

  • A pilot phase II open study on 12 patients with thalassemia intermedia (7 men, 5 women; age 31 +/- 2.0 years SE) treated with oral isobutyramide, a derivative of butyric acid (150 mg/kg body wt/day), was performed in order to evaluate the effect of this compound in stimulating hemoglobin F (HbF) production [3].

Biological context of isobutyramide


Anatomical context of isobutyramide

  • Neither endogenous apoA1 mRNA nor transcriptional activity of the rat apoA1 gene promoter (from -474 to -7) were altered by sodium butyrate or isobutyramide (0.3 mM to 10 mM) in Hep G2 or Caco-2 cells [15].

Associations of isobutyramide with other chemical compounds


Gene context of isobutyramide


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of isobutyramide


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