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Chemical Compound Review

CI-716     6-(2-fluorophenyl)-2,8,10- trimethyl-2,5,9...

Synonyms: Telazol, Zolazepam HCl, SureCN73002, CHEMBL2107559, AR-1L5917, ...
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Disease relevance of ZOLAZEPAM

  • Adult male rats were given a single intraperitoneal injection of Telazol dose at a of 20, 40, 80, or 120 mg/kg body weight (six rats/dose), while control rats received the vehicle only [1].
  • There are no studies examining spinal toxicity of Telazol, and further studies are necessary before recommending clinical use of this technique [2].
  • We developed a technique using Telazol (13 mg/kg) to anesthetize ducks before surgical biopsy of the liver in ducks infected with duck hepatitis B virus [3].

High impact information on ZOLAZEPAM

  • The primary goal of the present study was to determine the constituent of Telazol responsible for the enzyme induction [4].
  • Densitometric quantitation of immunoblots probed with polyclonal antibody against cytochrome P450 2B1 indicated a 17-fold increase in the hepatic level of cytochrome P450 2B1 for rats treated with the highest dose of Telazol [1].
  • Monkeys were anesthetized during experiments with Telazol, a dissociative agent that has no significant effect on microstimulation-induced eye movement parameters (current threshold, velocity, and duration) [5].
  • In the presence of 0.5 mg of anti-cytochrome P450 2B1 IgG/nmol P450, benzyloxyresorufin O-dealkylase activity was inhibited by 92% in hepatic microsomes prepared from a rat treated with Telazol at a dose of 120 mg/kg compared with only 25% inhibition in hepatic microsomes from a control rat [1].
  • In macaques, lymphocyte numbers decreased following afternoon injection of Telazol, ketamine or saline [6].

Chemical compound and disease context of ZOLAZEPAM


Biological context of ZOLAZEPAM


Anatomical context of ZOLAZEPAM


Associations of ZOLAZEPAM with other chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ZOLAZEPAM

  • Densitometric quantitation of immunoblots revealed that the hepatic CYP2B content was elevated by approximately 15-, 22-, and 25-fold, and the hepatic CYP3A content was increased by 2-, 2-, and 8-fold after treatment with zolazepam, Telazol, and PB, respectively [4].
  • Telazol doses of 2.1 to 6.5 mg/kg resulted in a mean (+/- SD) induction time of 2.3 +/- 0.9 min and a mean (+/- SD) immobilization time of 82.2 +/- 28.6 min [17].
  • Our results indicate that Telazol does not produce analgesia in rabbits and is nephrotoxic at both 32 and 64 mg/kg [18].


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