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Chemical Compound Review

PubChem9420     benzene-1,3-dicarboxylic acid

Synonyms: SureCN22462, AGN-PC-00GTBL, ACMC-1BQVP, CCRIS 8899, I19209_ALDRICH, ...
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Disease relevance of isophthalic acid


High impact information on isophthalic acid

  • A fluorescent Na(+)-sensitive dye (Na(+)-binding benzofuran isophthalate, SBFI) was used to determine how these egg envelope components influence sperm Na(+) permeability [2].
  • Detection of intracellular free Na+ concentration of synaptosomes by a fluorescent indicator, Na(+)-binding benzofuran isophthalate: the effect of veratridine, ouabain, and alpha-latrotoxin [3].
  • METHODS: Cytosolic free Na+ concentration was measured in intact blood platelets of 20 essential hypertensive patients and 21 age- and sex-matched normotensive control subjects using the fluorescent dye Na(+)-binding benzofuran isophthalate [4].
  • After 3 hrs, supernatants were collected to measure nitrite/nitrate (nitric oxide), cytokines (tumor necrosis factor-alpha, interleukin-1beta, interleukin-6), and cGMP levels; cells were then loaded with a fluorescent indicator (Fura-2AM or sodium-binding benzofurzan isophthalate) to measure myocyte Ca2+ or Na+, respectively [5].
  • Twenty-four hrs postburn, left ventricular function (Langendorff), cardiomyocyte [Ca2+]i and [Na+]i measured by fura-2-AM or sodium-binding benzofurzan isophthalate loading of cardiomyocytes, and myocyte secretion of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) were assessed in shams and burns from each experimental group [6].

Biological context of isophthalic acid

  • The Cbl dimers were synthesized by cross-linking Cbl carboxylates, produced by acid hydrolysis of the b-, d-, and e-propionamide side chains of cyanocobalamin (CN-Cbl), through an isophthalate molecule [7].
  • Analysis of the nucleotide sequence for the isophthalate degradation operon located genes for a dioxygenase, a transport protein, a cis-dihydrodiol dehydrogenase, and a reductase [1].
  • The effect of oxidative stress, induced by ascorbate/Fe2+, on the intracellular free Na+ concentration ([Na+]i) of cultured chick retina cells was determined using the fluorescent indicator Na(+)-binding benzofuran isophthalate (SBFI) [8].
  • In the present study, we examined the effect of different functional groups at the P1 site of the parent inhibitor isophthalic acid bis-(L-prolylpyrrolidine) amide on the binding kinetics to POP [9].
  • STM imaging on graphite of the S-enantiomer of a chiral diacetylene isophthalic acid derivative reveals that molecular chirality is not expressed in the monolayer due to a specific molecular conformation preventing the stereogenic center to transfer its chiral information [10].

Anatomical context of isophthalic acid

  • A novel fluorescent Na+ indicator, Na(+)-binding benzofuran isophthalate (SBFI), was used to follow changes in the intracellular free Na+ concentration ([Na+]i) of synaptosomes [3].
  • We investigated the effects of Na(+) pump inhibition on [Na(+)](cyt) (with Na(+) binding benzofuran isophthalate) and Ca(2+) transients (with fura 2) in primary cultured arterial myocytes [11].
  • [Na+] gradients (Na+-binding benzofuran isophthalate fluorescence) between the patch pipette and the bulk cytosol were relatively small and could not account for the large differences between peak and steady-state Ip and reverse Na+/Ca2+ exchanger currents [12].

Associations of isophthalic acid with other chemical compounds


Gene context of isophthalic acid

  • Synthesis of cobalamin dimers using isophthalate cross-linking of corrin ring carboxylates and evaluation of their binding to transcobalamin II [7].
  • Sodium pump activity was measured as ouabain-sensitive (86)Rb uptake in freshly dispersed cells containing 20 mM sodium as measured with sodium-binding benzofluran isophthalate [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of isophthalic acid

  • In co-culture of two bacteria, degradation was observed proceeding through monomethyl isophthalate (MMI) ester and isophthalic acid (IPA) before the aromatic ring opening [19].
  • Intracellular K+ concentration ([K+]i) of quiescent MCs, passages 3-8, grown to subconfluence on glass cover slips, was assessed by spectrofluorometry using the K(+)-sensitive dye, K(+)-binding benzofuran isophthalate (PBFI) [20].


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