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Gene Review

GP1BB  -  glycoprotein Ib (platelet), beta polypeptide

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Antigen CD42b-beta, BDPLT1, BS, CD42C, CD42c, ...
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Disease relevance of GP1BB


High impact information on GP1BB


Chemical compound and disease context of GP1BB


Biological context of GP1BB


Anatomical context of GP1BB

  • Both GPIb alpha and GPIb beta are expressed in endothelial cells (EC) [2].
  • The present report describes a monoclonal antibody (RAM.1) that labeled the 26 kDa GPIbbeta subunit on western blots and coprecipitated the three subunits of the GPIb/IX complex from lysates of platelets and transfected CHO and K562 cells [7].
  • The GPIb beta gene has a simple structure, similar to that of other described megakaryocyte/platelet genes, including those of the GPIb-V-IX system [8].
  • Substitution of either Cys5 or Cys7 by Ala failed to show surface expression of GPIb-IX, suggesting that the Cys5- Cys7 disulfide loop in GPIbbeta is essential for the efficient processing and trafficking of GPIb-IX complexes toward the plasma membrane [9].
  • The membrane-proximal GPIbbeta sequence was analogous to a previously reported calmodulin-binding sequence in the leukocyte adhesion receptor, L-selectin [10].

Associations of GP1BB with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of GP1BB


Other interactions of GP1BB

  • This occurs through the interaction of GPIX with GPIb beta [11].
  • The model refutes earlier assumptions about cysteine-cysteine interactions in the amino-terminal region of GPIb beta, and predicts a hydrophobic patch the burial of which may contribute to proper conformation of the fully assembled vWF receptor complex [5].
  • The complex is composed of four membrane-spanning glycoproteins (GP): GPIbalpha, GPIbbeta, GPIX, and GPV [16].
  • The HCDCREL-1 gene possesses a non-consensus polyadenylation signal that apparently is not efficiently utilized, resulting in the expression of a readthrough transcript also containing the platelet GPIb beta coding region [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GP1BB


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