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Gene Review

NCU04173  -  actin

Neurospora crassa OR74A

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High impact information on NCU04173.1

  • These genes encode novel proteins as well as proteins which 1) regulate the actin or microtubule cytoskeleton, 2) are kinases or components of signal transduction pathways, 3) are part of the secretory pathway, or 4) have functions in cell wall formation or membrane biosynthesis [1].
  • Null mutants of the neurospora actin-related protein 1 pointed-end complex show distinct phenotypes [2].
  • The ability to assemble cytoplasmic microtubules and actin is maintained in ro-2 mutants, although subapical actin patches are more prominent [3].
  • In contrast, the accumulation of mRNAs encoding beta-tubulin, actin, or glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase was not appreciably altered by either the presence of a hypovirulence-associated virus or treatment with cycloheximide [4].
  • Actin has a pivotal function in hyphal morphogenesis in filamentous fungi, but it is not certain whether its function is equivalent to that of a morphogen, or if it is simply part of a mechanism that executes orders given by another regulatory entity [5].

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