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Gene Review

EDN3  -  endothelin 3

Canis lupus familiaris

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High impact information on EDN3

  • To characterize the ET receptors present in dog coronary arteries, competition binding assays with radiolabeled ET-1 using ET-1, ET-3, ETA receptor antagonist BQ-123, and sarafotoxin S6c were performed [1].
  • Endothelin 3 (which stimulates endothelin A and B receptors) caused contractions of bronchi from autotransplanted lungs which were not different from those caused by endothelin 1 [2].
  • Competitive inhibition of 125I-endothelin 1 by endothelin 3 was significant for a two-site binding model in membranes prepared from all bronchi and lung parenchyma [2].
  • ET-1, ET-2, ET-3, and sarafotoxin caused dose-dependent accumulation of inositol phosphatase (IPs) and tracheal smooth muscle contraction [3].
  • The amount of acetylcholine released by preganglionic stimulation for 10 min was concentration-dependently inhibited after exposure to ET-3 (10(-9)-10(-6) M) or IRL-1620, endothelin ET(B) receptor agonist (10(-8)-10(-5) M) [4].

Biological context of EDN3

  • 5. Vasoconstriction induced by ET-3 (0.1 nM-0.3 microM) in porcine coronary arteries showed a concentration-response curve with two distinct phases in contrast to that seen with sarafotoxin S6c [5].
  • Presumably ET-3 enhances the release of nitric oxide and prostaglandins and then renal vasodilation occurs [6].
  • Continuous infusion of ET-3 in a dose of 5 ng/kg/min for 25 min increased both renal blood flow (RBF) and urine flow rate [6].
  • Species-dependent differences in inotropic effects and phosphoinositide hydrolysis induced by endothelin-3 in mammalian ventricular myocardium [7].
  • The maximum increase in splenic arterial vascular resistance was not significantly different for either ET-1, ET-3 or NA [8].

Anatomical context of EDN3


Associations of EDN3 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of EDN3


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of EDN3


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