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Gene Review

Dhcr7  -  7-dehydrocholesterol reductase

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: 7-DHC reductase, Sterol Delta(7)-reductase
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Disease relevance of Dhcr7

  • In this paper, we also observed liver cell-specific sterol-mediated Dhcr7 gene induction in vitro by sterol depletion in rat hepatoma cells, suggesting the presence of sterol-mediated regulatory elements in the Dhcr7 gene [1].
  • The cDNA encoding the 471-amino acid rat 7-dehydrocholesterol reductase (DHCR), an enzyme that has been implicated in both cholesterol biosynthesis and developmental abnormalities (e.g. Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome) in mammals, has been cloned and sequenced, and the primary structure of the enzyme has been deduced [2].
  • In previous studies, early administration of the 7DHC-reductase inhibitor AY9944 to pregnant rats resulted in a high frequency of holoprosencephaly, relevant to craniofacial anomalies of SLOS [3].

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Biological context of Dhcr7

  • Interestingly, human Dhcr7 gene in HepG2 cells produced no detectable isoform while mouse Dhcr7 gene in L929 cells produced three isoforms, suggesting a difference in alternative splicing between species [6].
  • Unexpectedly, we have found the occurrence of at least five isoforms of Dhcr7, designated as Dhcr7-AS (alternatively spliced)-1 (1474 nts), -2 (1595 nts), -3 (1602 nts), -4 (1723 nts) and -5 (1287 nts), which was believed to be caused by alternative usage of three 5' noncoding exons [6].
  • We previously reported that the Dhcr7 proximal promoter (-179 to +1), which contains CpG islands, is responsible for sterol-mediated expression of the rat gene [7].
  • In the present study, we examined whether methylation of this region affects the transcriptional activity of the Dhcr7 gene [7].
  • In vitro DNA methylation of the Dhcr7 promoter and luciferase-reporter assays showed that DNA methylation of the CpG islands suppressed transcription [7].

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