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Gene Review

AUX1  -  auxin transporter protein 1

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: AUXIN RESISTANT 1, AtAUX1, F16M14.5, F16M14_5, MAP1, ...
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High impact information on AUX1


Biological context of AUX1


Anatomical context of AUX1


Associations of AUX1 with chemical compounds

  • Hence, AUX1 uses a novel trafficking pathway in plants that is distinct from PIN trafficking, providing an additional mechanism for the fine regulation of auxin transport [9].
  • Plasma membrane and intracellular pools of AUX1 are interconnected by actin-dependent constitutive trafficking, which is not sensitive to the vesicle trafficking inhibitor brefeldin A [9].
  • Furthermore, auxin transport inhibitors and interference with the sterol composition of membranes disrupt polar AUX1 distribution at the plasma membrane [9].
  • The measured Km for AUX1-mediated uptake of 3H-IAA was at concentrations at which physiological responses are observed for exogenously added IAA and 2,4-D [11].
  • Our results identify AUX1 as one component of a novel BFA-sensitive auxin transport pathway polarizing cells toward a hormone maximum [12].

Other interactions of AUX1

  • Apical and basal plasma membrane localization of AUXIN-RESISTANT1 (AUX1) and PIN-FORMED1 (PIN1) auxin transport components underpins the directionality of intercellular auxin flow in Arabidopsis thaliana roots [9].
  • Vectorial Information for Arabidopsis Planar Polarity Is Mediated by Combined AUX1, EIN2, and GNOM Activity [13].
  • Consistently, the membrane localization of the PIN1 and PIN3 proteins was disturbed in smt1(orc), whereas polar positioning of the influx carrier AUX1 appeared normal [14].
  • However, the morphology of double mutant plants indicates that there is an inter-action between the AXR1 and AUX1 genes [15].
  • Expression studies using an auxin-regulated reporter suggest that AUX1 is necessary for root gravitropism by facilitating basipetal auxin transport to distal elongation zone tissues [16].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of AUX1


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