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Gene Review

INO80  -  chromatin-remodeling ATPase INO80

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: G1880, Inositol-requiring protein 80, YGL150C
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Disease relevance of INO80


High impact information on INO80

  • Finally, components of the INO80 complex show synthetic genetic interactions with the RAD52 DNA repair pathway, the main pathway for DSB repair in yeast [2].
  • Finally, we demonstrate that conversion of the DSB into ssDNA is compromised in arp8 and H2A mutants, which are both deficient for INO80 activity at the site of damage [3].
  • This interaction requires Nhp10, an HMG-like subunit of the INO80 complex [2].
  • The INO80 complex is recruited to a HO endonuclease-induced DSB through a specific interaction with the DNA damage-induced phosphorylated histone H2A (gamma-H2AX) [2].
  • The budding yeast INO80 complex is a conserved ATP-dependent nucleosome remodeler containing actin-related proteins Arp5 and Arp8 [3].

Biological context of INO80


Associations of INO80 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of INO80

  • The INO80 complex contains about 12 polypeptides including two proteins related to the bacterial RuvB DNA helicase, which catalyses branch migration of Holliday junctions [1].

Other interactions of INO80


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of INO80


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