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Gene Review

tonB  -  membrane spanning protein in TonB-ExbB...

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK1246, JW5195, T1rec, exbA
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Disease relevance of tonB


High impact information on tonB


Chemical compound and disease context of tonB


Biological context of tonB


Associations of tonB with chemical compounds

  • The tonB mutation with a glutamine to leucine replacement at position 165 was less efficient in restoring the FhuA functions than the glutamine to lysine exchange at the same position [15].
  • Mode of action of GR69153, a novel catechol-substituted cephalosporin, and its interaction with the tonB-dependent iron transport system [16].
  • Like tonB mutants, exb mutants were resistant to colicin M and albomycin but, in contrast to tonB mutants, showed only reduced sensitivity to colicins B and D. Overexpressed tonB on the multicopy vector pACYC177 largely restored the sensitivity of exb mutants to colicins B, D, and M but only marginally increased sensitivity to albomycin [17].
  • N. gonorrhoeae FA1090 utilized ferric enterobactin as the sole iron source when supplied with ferric enterobactin at approximately 10 microM, but growth stimulation was abolished when an omega (Omega) cassette was inserted within fetA or when tonB was insertionally interrupted [18].
  • Susceptibility testing with the mutants involved in the iron transport system indicated that the tonB mutant was resistant to BO-1341 [19].

Regulatory relationships of tonB

  • Mutations in tonB that suppressed the transport defect phenotype of these btuB mutations were isolated [20].

Other interactions of tonB

  • Finally, a strain carrying a mutant fhuA gene on the chromosome in which the linker insertion occurred after amino acid 82 showed a tonB phenotype [21].
  • Mutants devoid of all six iron-regulated outer membrane proteins were no more resistant to the probe compounds than fiu cir or tonB strains [1].
  • Analysis of the nucleotide sequence in the complementing DNA showed that it codes for three genes in the order of exbB-exbD-tonB [3].
  • This suggested involvement of both exbB and tolQ in tonB-dependent uptake [9].
  • The various tonB mutations differed markedly in their suppression activities on different btuB or cir mutations [20].


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