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Gene Review

soxS  -  superoxide response regulon...

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK4054, JW4023
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Disease relevance of soxS


High impact information on soxS

  • The hmp promoter is more sensitive to SNP and S-nitroso-N-penicillamine (SNAP) than is the soxS promoter, consistent with the role of Hmp in protection from reactive nitrogen species [6].
  • Genomics of the marA/soxS/rob regulon of Escherichia coli: identification of directly activated promoters by application of molecular genetics and informatics to microarray data [7].
  • Purified SoxR protein is a homodimer containing a pair of [2Fe-2S] centers essential for soxS transcription in vitro . The [2Fe-2S] centers are thought to be anchored by a C-terminal cluster of four cysteine residues in SoxR [8].
  • To facilitate purification and characterization of SoxS, we constructed a fusion of soxS to malE, which encodes maltose-binding protein, and demonstrated that the in vivo expression of the MalE-SoxS fusion protein can provide SoxS function to a soxRS deletion mutant [9].
  • These genes, named soxR and soxS, are arranged divergently with their 5' ends separated by only 85 bp [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of soxS


Biological context of soxS


Anatomical context of soxS

  • After incubation with murine macrophages, soxS expression was induced in the phagocytosed bacteria up to approximately 30-fold after an 8-h exposure [16].

Associations of soxS with chemical compounds

  • Multicopy expression of mar, soxS, or robA induced cyclohexane tolerance in strains with a deleted or inactivated chromosomal mar, soxRS, or robA locus; thus, each transcriptional activator acts independently of the others [13].
  • In contrast, growth inhibition of the mutant by paraquat was relieved, and soxS was no longer induced by exogenous putrescine (1 mmol/L) [3].
  • Putrescine and spermidine downregulate the expression of soxS induced by paraquat in a concentration-dependent manner [3].
  • Several other superoxide-generating agents also trigger soxR(+)-dependent soxS expression, and the inductions by paraquat and phenazine methosulfate were dependent on the presence of oxygen [17].
  • We report here that overexpression of the multidrug efflux pump locus acrAB, or of marA or soxS, both encoding positive regulators of acrAB, decreased susceptibility to triclosan 2-fold [11].

Other interactions of soxS

  • It has been shown that mutations giving rise to increased expression of the transcriptional activators marA and soxS affect the expression of a variety of different genes, including ompF and acrAB [18].
  • This increase could be explained by transcription of soxS gene in a rpoS-dependent pathway [14].


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