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Disease relevance of Agriculture


High impact information on Agriculture

  • Knowledge of metabolite dynamics is crucial to developing useful assays for monitoring atrazine exposure in agricultural workers [4].
  • Some agricultural workers using glyphosate have pregnancy problems, but its mechanism of action in mammals is questioned [5].
  • The hormonal disruption in agricultural workers presented here, together with results from experimental animal studies, suggests that OP exposure disrupts the hypothalamic-pituitary endocrine function and also indicates that FSH and LH are the hormones most affected [6].
  • The levels of AZM in migrant farmworker homes were most associated with the distance from fields and the number of agricultural workers in the home [7].
  • We have recently found in agricultural workers occupationally exposed to the fungicide mancozeb a statistically significant decrease in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF) production in leukocytes [8].

Biological context of Agriculture


Anatomical context of Agriculture


Associations of Agriculture with chemical compounds


Gene context of Agriculture

  • Both serum cholinesterase and PON1 activities were measured spectrophotometrically from 18 male agricultural workers who were chronically exposed to azinphos methyl, chlorpyriphos, or malathion and other pesticides during cereal spraying, transportation, and storage [17].
  • Comparison of food constituents in the diet of female agricultural workers in Japan with high and low concentrations of high density lipoprotein in their sera [18].
  • Limb reduction defects, however, occurred more frequently among offspring of agricultural workers (5.05 per 1 000 total births versus 2.19 per 1 000 total births, rate ratio = 2.3) [19].
  • A co-operative study by representatives of eight member countries of the EEC into the problem of respiratory disease among agricultural workers is reported [20].
  • ALS distribution in the study area was uniform but its occurrence was significantly higher among agricultural workers (5.28/100,000) [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Agriculture


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