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Rats, Inbred BUF

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Biological context of Rats, Inbred BUF


Anatomical context of Rats, Inbred BUF

  • Since our studies, and those of others, have relied on the genetic purity of inbred Buffalo rats, we chose to test these animals for expression of strain-dependent, allotype-specific variants of CD45 (leukocyte common antigen, LCA) using the monoclonal antibodies RT7.1 and RT7 [9].
  • In contrast, untreated F-344 rats exhibited higher levels of DHA binding in hypothalamus and SPD binding in striatum than BUF rats [10].

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Gene context of Rats, Inbred BUF

  • Inbred LEW, COP, WKY, F344, and BUF rats immunized with BII reacted strongest with CB9-7 and variably with CB11 and CB12 [15].
  • Although Crabp2 had been identified as one of the 16 genes differentially expressed between ACI and BUF rats with cDNA-RDA, Fabp1 and Ugt2b5 were newly identified in this study [16].
  • The two strains differed qualitatively in the effect of morphine on striatal SPD binding, with BUF rats exhibiting a decrease, and F-344 rats an increase [10].
  • Immunization with R16 also induced low levels of inflammation in eyes of 75% and 20% of LEJ and BUF rats, respectively, but this peptide did not cause any disease in SDJ and TO rats [17].


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