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Pregnancy Tests

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Disease relevance of Pregnancy Tests


High impact information on Pregnancy Tests

  • Standardisation of human chorionic gonadotropin, HCG subunits, and pregnancy tests [4].
  • We evaluated the performance of four visually read pregnancy tests (TestPack Plus hCG Combo, ICON II hCG, SureCell hCG-Serum/Urine and PregnaGen 1-Step) designed to detect increased concentrations of choriogonadotropin (hCG) in either serum or urine samples [5].
  • We used Tandem Icon II (Hybritech) pregnancy test reagents and evaluated the reagents for possible "false-positive" findings at the 25 int. units/L limit of hCG detectability by analyzing 100 post-menopausal and more than 4000 premenopausal serum specimens [6].
  • Health care providers should be aware of the occurrence of false-positive pregnancy tests in females of childbearing potential receiving thalidomide [7].
  • Total activin A was detectable 14 days after ET (positive pregnancy test), and higher levels were associated with multiple gestations while rapidly falling levels heralded embryonic demise [8].

Biological context of Pregnancy Tests


Anatomical context of Pregnancy Tests


Associations of Pregnancy Tests with chemical compounds

  • STUDY DESIGN/METHODS: A retrospective review of patients receiving thalidomide within the S.T.E.P.S. programme from September 1998 to 31 December 2004 to determine the occurrence of positive pregnancy tests whilst on treatment [7].
  • Calving data were obtained from a further 110 cows for which the milk progesterone EIA had provided a pregnancy test 24 days after AI; 46 cows were correctly identified as non-pregnant and 58 as pregnant and there were 4 false positive and 2 inconclusive results [13].
  • Latex reagents for HCG obtained from commercially available pregnancy test kits were adapted for use on Instrumentation Laboratory's Multistat III Plus centrifugal analyzer [14].
  • Daily infusion of serum albumin and low dose dopamine failed to increase her urine output and her abdominal symptoms became increasingly deteriorated after her urine pregnancy test turned out to be positive [15].
  • Four of the 14 women did not have pregnancy tests before starting Accutane [16].

Gene context of Pregnancy Tests


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pregnancy Tests


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