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Disease relevance of Mathematics


High impact information on Mathematics

  • Cross-sectional echocardiography. II. Analysis of mathematic models for quantifying volume of the formalin-fixed left ventricle [3].
  • A mathematic combination of DHAPAT activity and C26:0 beta-oxidation showed an even better correlation [4].
  • The mathematic analysis of the effects of ciprofloxacin showed that time to maximal activity was between 10.4 hours (PAF-dependent [Ca2+]i increase), and 15 hours (fMLP-induced superoxide anion and chemiluminescence production) [5].
  • The agreement between the observed concentration-response relationships and those predicted by curve-fitting the data suggests that the antiarrhythmic effect of cibenzoline is proportional to its plasma concentration, and that the Hill equation provides an accurate mathematic description of the concentration-response relationship [6].
  • The results obtained from the study of 115 neurologic patients (52 patients with MS and 63 patients with other neurologic diseases) using three different mathematic formulas (Tourtellotte's formula, the index of Tibbling and coworkers, and Schuller and Sagar's formula) are presented and statistically analyzed [7].

Anatomical context of Mathematics

  • These principles were incorporated into mathematic expressions which were used for quantitative resolution of simulated mixtures containing oxidized and reduced PteGlu5 and for the analysis of folate composition in rat liver, human milk, and cows milk [8].
  • A mathematic model that described the acid-base behavior of blood plasma has been revised to incorporate pK values of individual histidine residues on human serum albumin determined by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy [9].

Associations of Mathematics with chemical compounds

  • Based on the mathematic model presented recently by Suh and Arnold (1990) approximately 6.4 histidine residues were calculated to be involved in the enzyme-metal chelate complex [10].
  • The frequency change recorded is proportional to the desorbed mass of avidin, and there is a clear mathematic relationship between the frequency change and the biotin concentration [11].
  • A mathematic model based on fluorescein flowmetry was deduced to distinguish a mucosal and muscular blood flow in an intact (unopened) intestine during surgery in man [12].
  • A mathematic model for the effect of cisplatin and radiation dose was developed using multiple regression analysis [13].
  • This mathematic model is tested in experiments using sodium iothalamate (I-125) as a marker in the Phadebas radiosorbent assay of cobalamin (Co-57) [14].

Gene context of Mathematics

  • STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: A mathematic model was developed to estimate the probability of virus transmission by blood transfusion when NAT screening methods are used for virologic safety testing [15].
  • Once the ISI has been assigned to an individual thromboplastin reagent, the derivation of International Normalised Ratios (INRs) for reporting results depends on mathematic formulae requiring a special calculator or mathematic tables [16].
  • The degree of metabolism was estimated by mathematic modeling based on a simple venous-equilibration approach and by direct comparison of deposition efficiencies in naive and carboxylesterase-inhibited animals [17].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: We have developed a model-based CAD algorithm through the use of precise mathematic models that capture scanner physics and anatomic information [18].
  • Stimulation with corticotropin analogue and with physical (cold-pressor test) or mental (color-word or mathematic) stress tests also showed elevated responses of serum cortisol, but not of prolactin or growth hormone concentrations [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mathematics

  • CONCLUSION: A proper mathematic model for the calculation of residual infection risk by blood transfusion helps understand the impact of introducing new NAT methods for blood safety testing [15].
  • CONCLUSION: The mathematic program allows a characterization of preparation parameters and may be further developed for use in prospective or retrospective studies of CAD/CAM restorations [20].


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