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Developmental Biology

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  • Developmental biology. Reading the retinoid signals [15].
  • Lewis Wolpert is Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine in the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology at University College, London, UK [16].
  • Despite the growing availability of non-formalin-based fixatives, the vast majority of researchers in developmental biology continue to fix embryos and tissue in 4% paraformaldehyde [17].
  • This short-term screening test placed the 14 glycols and glycol ethers tested into a rank order sequence according to their degree of hazard potential to developmental biology, i.e., their ability to interfere with the developmental events characteristic of all ontogenic systems [18].
  • The effective concentrations of MTX are 10 to 100 times higher in molecular, cellular and developmental biology medium 402 (MCDB 402) than in Dulbecco's modification of Eagle's medium (DMEM) medium because of the folate-sparing presence of adenine, thymidine and, particularly, of folinic acid in MCDB 402 medium [19].

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