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Gene Review

DVL1  -  dishevelled segment polarity protein 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DSH homolog 1, DVL, DVL1L1, DVL1P1, Dishevelled-1, ...
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Disease relevance of DVL1


Psychiatry related information on DVL1


High impact information on DVL1

  • In our analysis of signaling proteins containing DEP domains ( approximately 90 residue sequence motifs first recognized in fly Dishevelled, worm EGL-10, and mammalian Pleckstrin), we find that DEP domains are responsible for specific recognition of GPCRs [8].
  • The DIX domain targets dishevelled to actin stress fibres and vesicular membranes [9].
  • Here we describe the molecular characterization of members of the Wnt signalling pathway--Wnt, Dishevelled, GSK3, beta-Catenin and Tcf/Lef--in Hydra, a member of the evolutionarily old metazoan phylum Cnidaria [10].
  • Dishevelled is a conserved protein that interprets signals received by Frizzled receptors [11].
  • The KLHL12-Cullin-3 ubiquitin ligase negatively regulates the Wnt-beta-catenin pathway by targeting Dishevelled for degradation [11].

Biological context of DVL1


Anatomical context of DVL1

  • Thus, our results suggest that an adverse interaction among misfolded SOD1, NEDL1, translocon-associated protein-delta, and Dishevelled-1 forms a ubiquitinated protein complex that is included in potentially cytotoxic protein aggregates and that mutually affects their functions, leading to motor neuron death in FALS [17].
  • Furthermore, we have shown that Dpr1 induces Dvl degradation via a lysosome inhibitor-sensitive and proteasome inhibitor-insensitive mechanism [18].
  • The structures do not localise with markers of the early or late endocytic pathway and time-lapse analysis demonstrates that Dvl-2 puncta move in a random fashion over short distances but do not originate from the plasma membrane [16].
  • In order to elucidate Dvl's role in Wnt signaling, we attempted to overexpress Dvl in cells, but were unable to obtain stable cell lines [19].
  • RESULTS: We report that Dsh protein accumulates in cell nuclei when Xenopus embryonic explants or mammalian cells are incubated with inhibitors of nuclear export or when a specific nuclear-export signal (NES) in Dsh is disrupted by mutagenesis [20].

Associations of DVL1 with chemical compounds

  • Which event(s) occur in Wnt-responsive cells depends critically on the ability of Dishevelled (Dsh)/Dvl proteins to interpret distinct types of intracellular, receptor-generated stimuli and transmit them to at least two distinct sets of effector molecules, all while apparently ignoring a third type of Wnt-generated Ca(2+) signal [21].
  • Redox-dependent activation of the Wnt-beta-catenin pathway occurs independently of extracellular Wnts and is impaired by RNAi of NRX . In addition, association between Dvl and NRX is inhibited by H(2)O(2) treatment [22].

Physical interactions of DVL1

  • WNT signals, transduced through Frizzled (FZD) receptors with extracellular WNT-binding domain and cytoplasmic Dishevelled-binding domain, are implicated in carcinogenesis and embryogenesis [23].

Other interactions of DVL1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DVL1

  • Two-hybrid screening for the physiological targets of NEDL1 has identified Dishevelled-1, one of the key transducers in the Wnt signaling pathway [17].
  • Low-pass filtering of the ECG produced a better correlation between tidal volume and the change in the DVL, when the cutoff frequency was set at 20-45 Hz [27].


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