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Disease relevance of Trismus


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Chemical compound and disease context of Trismus


Anatomical context of Trismus


Gene context of Trismus

  • Trismus was evaluated as maximum interincisal distance (MID), determined before surgery and 1 and 5 days after surgery (MID0, MID1 and MID5 respectively) [19].
  • Trismus as a presenting symptom in nasopharyngeal carcinoma [20].
  • Masseter spasm occurred as sole sign in 21 families, of which 11 were MHS [21].
  • Other factors of importance were: an increase in the anterior depth of the mandible; a reduction in the distance between the occiput and the spinous process of C1, and to a lesser extent the C1-C2 interspinous gap; and reduced mobility of the mandible associated with temporo-mandibular joint arthritis or trismus [22].
  • Whilst blepharospasm--involuntary bilateral eye closure--is produced by spasmodic contractions of the orbicularis oculi muscles, oromandibular dystonia may cause jaw closure with trismus and bruxism, or involuntary jaw opening or deviation, interfering with speaking and chewing [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Trismus


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