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Hospitals, District

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  • A prospective clinical trial compared polyglycolic acid (P.G.A.) suture material with silk in the closure of wounds in 1000 patients attending the accident service of a district hospital [6].
  • The endogenous insulin secretion capacity of 171 insulin-treated middle-aged persons with diabetes (81 men, 90 women) of the Kuopio University Central Hospital district (population 250,000), East Finland, was measured by the C-peptide response to glucagon [7].
  • A prospective randomised trial comparing propranolol and sclerotherapy to sclerotherapy alone was conducted over a 2-year follow up in a district hospital setting of unselected patients [8].
  • From January 1, 1969 to December 31, 1974, 98,446 patients were admitted to Ben Taub General Hospital, one of the Harris County District Hospitals and a major teaching institution for Baylor College of Medicine. Spinal fluid specimens from 17,638 (17.9%) patients were cultured, and 787 (4.5%) cultures were positive for pathogenic microorganisms [9].
  • SETTING: Accident and emergency departments of four hospitals in Greece, namely a teaching children's hospital and a trauma hospital in Greater Athens and the two district hospitals in the Magnesia county and the Corfu island [10].

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Gene context of Hospitals, District

  • Of the 1,223 children admitted to Siaya District Hospital from March to September 1991, 293 (24%) were severely anemic (hemoglobin level < 5.0 g/dL) [19].
  • OBJECTIVE: To assess the risk-of-malignancy index (a scoring system based on menopausal status, ultrasound features, and serum CA 125) at district hospitals for referral of women with suspected malignant pelvic masses for primary surgery at a central gynecologic oncology unit [20].
  • The study objective was to determine whether the introduction of routine fetal fibronectin bedside testing affected costs and transfer rates from referral district hospitals to a tertiary obstetric hospital, as well as direct admissions to a tertiary referral hospital [21].
  • In the present study we highlight the importance of THAA by examining the frequency of THAA in consecutive sera sent to a routine district hospital laboratory [22].
  • RESULTS: The questionnaire return rates of the medical centers, regional hospitals and district hospitals were 39.1, 29.6 and 20.9%, respectively [23].


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