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Oral Manifestations

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Disease relevance of Oral Manifestations


High impact information on Oral Manifestations


Chemical compound and disease context of Oral Manifestations


Anatomical context of Oral Manifestations

  • The generalized form of PP (G-PP) defined by Page was identified as the oral manifestation of a systemic disease called leukocyte adhesion deficiency (LAD) and thus the pathogenesis is known at the molecular level [15].

Gene context of Oral Manifestations

  • SSR149415 is active by the oral route, at doses from 3 mg/kg, it potentiates CRF effect and displays a long-lasting oral effect in the different models [16].
  • The sensory mechanisms that mediate the oral effects of oil on intake and preference are not known, but the olfactory and trigeminal sensory systems are the most likely candidates [17].
  • CONCLUSION: In addition, based upon our observations and review, we propose the notion that oral manifestations of Crohn's disease may be classified as an oligosymptomatic form of MRS [18].
  • Adrenalectomy prevented the oral effect of spermine on sucrase- and maltase-specific activity but not on lactase-specific activity [19].
  • We describe here in detail one of these families with florid oral manifestations detectable on panoramic radiography of the jaws, which were instrumental in the diagnosis of FAP in the index patient and for ascertainment of her family for screening [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Oral Manifestations


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