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Chemical Compound Review

Vectarion     6-[4-[bis(4-fluorophenyl) methyl]piperazin...

Synonyms: CHEMBL314610, AC1L3GFT, AC1Q6WCN, AR-1H0741, LS-155220, ...
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  • Almitrine bismesylate increased PaO2 by 8.1 +/- 2.1 mm Hg (mean +/- SEM), decreased arterial carbon dioxide tension by 3.0 +/- 0.7 mm Hg (mean +/- SEM), and increased minute ventilation by 3.1 +/- 0.5 liters/minute (mean +/- SEM) during wakefulness [6].
  • Plasma almitrine bismesylate levels were highly variable, and marked individual differences in peak levels and terminal phase rate constants and half lives were found [7].

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