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Chemical Compound Review

AC1NSEO7     (1E)-2-[6-[[amino-[[amino- [(4...

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  • The order of transfection efficacy was dimyristyl (di-C14:0) > dioleyl (di-C18:1) > dipalmityl (di-C16:0) > disteryl (di-C18:0) [6].
  • In the ChloraPrep group, bacteria grew on culture of specimens from 30% of the hallux sites, 23% of the toe sites, and 10% of the control sites [7].
  • The other group (control) used a 10 ml 0.2% CHX (=20 mg) mouthrinse on an 11.8% ethanol alcohol base (Corsodyl), CHX plus sign in circleAlc), twice daily for 60 s [8].
  • In the first study, the skin compatibility of Sterillium, a liquid alcoholic rub-in hand disinfectant was compared with that of Hibiscrub, a water-based handwashing antiseptic [9].
  • MRSA was found to be significantly less susceptible than MSSA to chlorhexidine digluconate, 'Hibiscrub' and 'Hibisol' (P < 0.05; two-tailed t-test for independent samples). 'Hibisol' was significantly more effective against MRSA than 'Hibiscrub' (P < 0.05) [10].

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  • Monocytes were sampled from the peripheral blood of healthy adults, stained with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC)-labeled antihuman monoclonal antibodies, and sorted by an FCM, which had been sterilized with 0.5% Hibitane alcohol solution [15].
  • It was found that Hibitane (0.2--2%) caused a significant amelioration of inflamed palatal tissues and a reduction in the number of yeast cells harbored on the palatal mucosa and the fitting surface of the dentures [14].
  • Sixty-eight sows were matched according to their parity and week of mating and divided into 2 groups: treatment sows (CVS) had their vulva cleaned with a 1:2000 Hibitane solution and control sows (SVS) had theirs soiled with feces [16].
  • Alcoholic chlorhexidine solutions and Hibiscrub were the only preparations that gave significant, mean reductions (97.9-99.9% and 80.3-93.4%, respectively) in the number of colony forming units [17].
  • The HeLa cells showed the best recovery after having been influenced by Jodopax, Chloramine-T or sodium hypochlorite solutions, whereas the best tissue recovery was observed in the experiments with Biosept and Hibitane [18].

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