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Chemical Compound Review

Potassium hydrogen tartrate     potassium(2R,3R)-2,3,4- trihydroxy-4-oxo...

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Disease relevance of tartaric acid


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High impact information on tartaric acid

  • Mapacalcine was ineffective on T-type and L-type Ca2+ currents present on rat portal vein myocytes [Morel, Drobecq, Sautière, Tartar, Mironneau, Qar, Lavie, and Hugues (1997) Mol. Pharmacol. 51, 1042-1052] [8].
  • In an Italian case-control study of oral cancer, number of missing teeth and other aspects of dental care were similar, but the general condition of the mouth, as indicated by gum bleeding, tartar deposits and mucosal irritation, was worse among oral cancer cases than controls [9].
  • Nonetheless, by pursuing an embryological approach toward morphogenesis in a highly regulative ciliate, Tartar uncovered relational aspects of pattern-determination; this, in my view, delineates the major problem that we must solve to gain understanding of intracellular patterning [10].
  • LpxA from the pathogenic bacterium Helicobacter pylori has been overexpressed in Escherichia coli and crystallized at 297 K using ammonium sulfate and sodium/potassium tartrate as precipitants in the presence of a detergent [11].
  • Circumoral dermatitis and cheilitis caused by tartar control dentifrices [12].

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