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Chemical Compound Review

AC1MHYMV     5-[(8S,9S,10S,13S,14S,17S)- 10,13-dimethyl...

Synonyms: SureCN377704
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Disease relevance of Bufadienolide


High impact information on Bufadienolide

  • In addition, the CoMFA results agreed well with the pharmacophore bufadienolide model for the parent PLC line proposed earlier [5].
  • Bufalin, a bufadienolide type cardiotonic steroid that is one of the major components of the toad venom-prepared traditional Chinese medicine called Ch'an Su or Senso, exhibits a cardiotonic action by inhibiting the membranous Na(+),K(+)-ATPase [6].
  • In the course of a screening program aimed at IL-6 inhibitor from natural products, we isolated 20S,21-epoxy-resibufogenin-3-formate (ERBF) from bufadienolide and examined the effect of ERBF on activities of various cytokines [7].
  • The effects of a bufadienolide isolated from toad venom, arenobufagin, a potent Na+/K+ pump inhibitor, were studied in single guinea-pig ventricular cells in the whole-cell patch-clamp configuration [8].
  • Now it appears that the inhibitors are steroids released from the adrenal gland and are members of the cardenolide family, e.g., ouabain, and the bufadienolide family, e.g., marinobufagenin [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Bufadienolide


Biological context of Bufadienolide


Anatomical context of Bufadienolide


Associations of Bufadienolide with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Bufadienolide

  • Recently we demonstrated that, in addition to endogenous ouabain (EO), mammalian tissues contain another NKA inhibitor, a bufadienolide marinobufagenin (MBG) [21].
  • An increasing body of evidence suggests that an endogenous mammalian bufadienolide (BD) may be involved in the regulation of Na(+),K(+)-ATPase activity and the pathogenesis of arterial hypertension [17].


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