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Chemical Compound Review

Rubidium-86     rubidium

Synonyms: AC1O3RN9, 86Rb, 14932-53-7, UNII-EHJ48551WX, Rubidium, isotope of mass 86
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Disease relevance of rubidium


High impact information on rubidium

  • This study examined the effect of moderate ethanol intake on systolic blood pressure, platelet cytosolic free calcium, aortic calcium, and rubidium-86 uptake in Wistar-Kyoto rats [3].
  • Several analogues have been compared with cromakalim (1) for their effects on potassium ion efflux in the rabbit mesenteric artery using rubidium-86 as a marker [4].
  • Large concentrations of potassium were used to stimulate the release of rubidium-86 from preloaded cortical synaptosomes, so that the pharmacological sensitivity of this efflux could be examined [5].
  • In T3-treated rats, rubidium-86 (86Rb) uptake (measured as a marker of Na/K ATPase activity) in ex vivo hypothalamic tissue increased (P<0.01) while the content of ATP in the ventral hypothalamus declined following T3 treatment (P<0.01) [6].
  • The stimulatory effect on human erythrocyte rubidium-86 uptake by anti-cardiac-glycoside antibodies [7].

Biological context of rubidium


Anatomical context of rubidium


Associations of rubidium with other chemical compounds

  • The ability of each compound to enhance rubidium-86 efflux is approximately parallelled by its blood pressure lowering activity, and thus these analogues, like compound (1), belong to the series of drugs which have been classified as potassium-channel activators [4].
  • The effect of ouabain on myocardial nutritional circulation (rubidium-86 extraction) and regional myocardial blood flow (radioactive microspheres) was studied in the isolated supported canine heart preparation perfused at a constant coronary blood flow [15].
  • Chromium-51 ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid ((51)Cr-EDTA) and rubidium-86 chloride ((86)RbCl) were deposited intraluminally to determine the extent of the increase in intestinal permeability and ion channel disruption [16].
  • To examine how cell culture in hypokalemic media would affect the Na,K pump, we determined ouabain-sensitive rubidium-86 uptake in the presence of monensin plus foetal calf serum in cells incubated for 24 hours in low and normal potassium containing culture media [9].
  • The effect of noradrenaline on myocardial sodium-pump activity has been studied, using a direct measure of active ion transport via the pump; namely, the ouabain-sensitive uptake of the radioisotope and potassium analogue rubidium-86 into guinea pig ventricular tissue slices [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of rubidium


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