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Chemical Compound Review

IODOFORM     triiodomethane

Synonyms: Jodoform, Trijodmethane, Triiodomethane, Dezinfekt V, Iodoform (TN), ...
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Disease relevance of iodoform


High impact information on iodoform

  • The SPME-TPD technique was applied to the determination of iodination disinfection byproducts from individual precursor compounds using GC/MS and to the quantitation of iodoform at trace levels in a water recycle system using GC/ECD [6].
  • On MR, calcium sodium alginate and bismuth and iodoform paraffin paste had imaging characteristics similar to muscle and aqueous betadine gauze had appearances similar to bone marrow [7].
  • During presurgical investigation a radiodense mass was detected in the left nasal cavity, which turned out to be an iodoform-soaked gauze pack put in by a general practitioner some weeks previously and simply forgotten [8].
  • The experimental group contained six different types of root canal filling materials, including zinc oxide (ZnO) + eugenol + formocresol (FC), Ca(OH)(2) + FC, Ca(OH)(2) + Iodoform, Ca(OH)(2) + Iodoform + camphorated parachlorophenol (CPC), Ca(OH)(2) + CPC, and Vitapex [9].
  • The Ca(OH)(2) + Iodoform group and Vitapex group showed the highest survival rates (p < 0.05) [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of iodoform

  • PATIENTS AND METHODS: Forty HIV positive patients with CD4 counts below 200cells/mm(3) who were to have molar teeth extracted were randomly allocated to have the socket dressed with a medicated paste (Rifocort((R)) with camphorated parachlorophenol and iodoform) and sutured (treated group), or merely sutured (control group) [10].
  • A prospective study was undertaken to compare the efficacy of Merocel nasal tampons to BIPP (Bismuth Subnitrate and Iodoform Paste) impregnated ribbon gauze in the control of acute epistaxis requiring hospital admission [11].

Biological context of iodoform


Anatomical context of iodoform

  • Elimination of infection in pulpectomized deciduous teeth: a short-term study using iodoform paste [13].
  • Root canal filling with a slowly resorbable iodoform paste in the apical part: report of a long term follow up [14].
  • The surgical procedure is a modification of the maxillary sinus approach, which includes the use of iodoform gauze packing, nasal antrostomy, a double layer oral closure and prophylactic antibiotics [15].
  • Reactions of subcutaneous connective tissue and incised wounds to strips of petrolatum or iodoform gauzes [16].
  • Of 78 necrotic primary molars, 34 were filled with ZOE and 44 with an iodoform-containing paste (KRI) [17].

Associations of iodoform with other chemical compounds

  • Thermal degradation of iodoform was observed during desorption from a polyacrylate fiber in initial GC/MS and GC/ECD experiments [6].
  • The results showed that the pH ranged from a low of 2.90 +/- 0.02 for iodoform paste (Kri) to a high of 12.45 +/- 0.02 for calcium hydroxide (Calyxl) [18].
  • Medicaments such as formocresol, eugenol and iodoform pastes have been extensively used for endodontic therapy yet very little attention has been given to their pH values.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[18]
  • The Ca(OH)(2) + Iodoform + CPC group and Ca(OH)(2) + CPC group showed significantly lower survival rates at concentrations above 6 muL/mL (p < 0.05) [9].
  • In this study we investigated the effect of four medicaments -- BIPP, (bismuth iodoform paraffin paste), Whitehead's varnish (compound iodoform paint), Surgicel (oxidized regenerated cellulose) and Carnoy's solution (ethanol, chloroform and acetic acid) -- on peripheral nerve function [19].

Gene context of iodoform

  • Following incubation, zones of inhibition around the 'MGP' gutta-percha, iodoform-free gutta-percha and disks were evaluated [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of iodoform


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