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Chemical Compound Review

ZINC OXIDE     oxozinc

Synonyms: Zinkoxid, Nogenol, Outmine, RVPaque, Zincite, ...
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Disease relevance of ZINC OXIDE


High impact information on ZINC OXIDE

  • CONCLUSIONS: Zinc oxide welding fume was associated with a marked dose-dependent increase in the number of polymorphonuclear leukocytes recovered in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid 22 hours after exposure but was not associated with a clinically significant change in pulmonary function or airway reactivity [5].
  • Detailed XRD, TEM, and Raman studies prove that, with the exception of the iron oxide system, where a mixture of the two phases magnetite and maghemite is formed, only phase pure materials are obtained, gamma-Ga(2)O(3), zincite ZnO, and cubic In(2)O(3) [6].
  • RATIONALE: Zinc oxide is a common, biologically active constituent of particulate air pollution as well as a workplace toxin [7].
  • Reactions on a solid surface. A simple, economical and efficient Friedel-Crafts acylation reaction over zinc oxide (ZnO) as a new catalyst [8].
  • Snow-white duodenum: a new endoscopic sign in a patient with hypobetalipoproteinemia [9].

Biological context of ZINC OXIDE

  • Commercial sources of zinc oxide (ZnO) differ widely in Zn relative bioavailability (RBV), but it is unknown whether growth-promoting efficacy in young pigs is influenced by RBV of the ZnO sources used [10].
  • 1. The OPAE random primers (Operon Technologies, Inc., CA) were used for random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) fingerprinting in Chinese, White Roman and Landaise geese [11].
  • Zinc oxide inhalation causes metal fume fever, a flu-like syndrome common among welders [12].
  • Occupational exposure to freshly formed zinc oxide (ZnO) particles (less than 1.0 micron aerodynamic diameter) produces a well-characterized response known as metal fume fever [13].
  • Zinc oxide was selected to control the reactivity of the glass-ceramics since zinc is a trace element that shows stimulatory effects on bone formation [14].

Anatomical context of ZINC OXIDE


Associations of ZINC OXIDE with other chemical compounds


Gene context of ZINC OXIDE


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ZINC OXIDE

  • Zinc oxide was not associated with increased pain by the visual analog scale, cellular abnormalities by histopathological examination of wound biopsies, or other harmful effects [25].
  • On the basis of the study results, it may be concluded that Nogenol appears to be more appropriate for cementation of both 2- and 4-implant-supported FPDs when removal of the provisionally cemented superstructure is anticipated [26].
  • Piezoelectric thin film zinc oxide (ZnO) and its ternary alloy magnesium zinc oxide (MgxZn1-xO) have broad applications in transducers, resonators, and filters [27].
  • Zinc oxide installed in the tissue cages created high, sustained concentrations of zinc in the cage fluid throughout the study [28].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Under the conditions of the present study, Snow-White impression plaster appears to be safer to use in implant prosthodontics compared with the Xantano because of its slower and lower exothermic reaction at the implant-bone interface [29].


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