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Chemical Compound Review

AC1MMT9N     calcium hydroxide

Synonyms: AC1O1JFB, FT-0623399, I14-93317
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  • We observed its immunohistochemical localization during dentin bridge formation in human teeth, after pulp was capped with calcium hydroxide [Ca(OH)2] [16].
  • The results from this study showed a variety of pulpal responses to various calcium hydroxide materials when placed directly on the dental pulp [21].
  • Human pulp fibroblast but not human submandibular gland cells showed a high resistance against calcium hydroxide [10].
  • These characteristics may account for why E. faecalis is frequently isolated from acidic caries lesions and from persistently infected root canals where calcium hydroxide medication is ineffective [22].
  • The pulps of 78 sound premolars were capped with SBAS after 37% phosphoric acid etching (Group I) or 10% phosphoric acid etching (Group II) and CH (Group III-control) [23].

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