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Gene Review

AGAP2  -  ArfGAP with GTPase domain, ankyrin repeat...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: AGAP-2, Arf-GAP with GTPase, ANK repeat and PH domain-containing protein 2, CENTG1, Centaurin-gamma-1, Cnt-g1, ...
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Disease relevance of CENTG1


Psychiatry related information on CENTG1

  • The Child Behaviour Check List (CBCL; Achenbach and Edelbrock, 1979), the Piers-Harris (1984) Self-Esteem measure and the Harter and Pike (1984) Self-Competence Scale were completed and questionnaires and semi-structured interviews were conducted with both the girls and their clinicians [6].

High impact information on CENTG1

  • The sensitivities of hematopoietic colony-forming cells (CFC) to N-[4-(9-acridinylamino)-3-methoxyphenyl]-methanesulfonamide (NSC-249992) (m-AMSA) were measured with an in vitro clonogenic assay, a modification of the Robinson and Pike human marrow culture system [7].
  • Src-family tyrosine kinase fyn phosphorylates phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase enhancer-activating Akt, preventing its apoptotic cleavage and promoting cell survival [8].
  • Snyderman and Pike 159 and Chusid and co-workers 160 emphasized the existence of a large number of other neutrophil bactericidal abnormalities resulting from as yet unexplained cellular defects [9].
  • Based on these results, we concluded that the closely related Arf GAPs, AGAP1 and AGAP2, distinguish between these related heterotetrameric adaptor protein complexes to specifically regulate AP-3 endosomes and AP-1 recycling endosomes [10].
  • Aromatic cluster 1 of alpha-lactalbumin (LA), a substructure adjacent to the cleft, is important for its interaction with galactosyltransferase (GT) and effects on glucose binding in the lactose synthase complex [Grobler, J. A., Wang, M., Pike, A. K., & Brew, K. (1994) J. Biol. Chem. 269, 5106-5114] [11].

Biological context of CENTG1

  • The PIKE family includes three members, PIKE-L, PIKE-S and PIKE-A, which are originated from a single gene (CENTG1) through alternative splicing or differential transcription initiation [12].
  • These studies demonstrate that this cosmid is derived from a remarkably gene-dense region and add two new transcripts (KIAA0167 and 6E5.2) to the list of sequences that are expressed in tumors bearing amplification of this region [13].
  • WAODA aids in implementation of dental health education program in Pike County [14].
  • Against the backcloth of te quantitative picture of general practice activity described in the companion paper (Beaumont and Pike, Ecol. Dis. 2, 45, 1983), the question of health-environment interaction is addressed [15].
  • Fluorimetric titrations of parvalbumin II (pI 4.2) of pike (Pike II) with Ca2+ and Tb3+ show the CD and EF binding sites to be non-equivalent [16].

Anatomical context of CENTG1

  • A matched pairs analysis to evaluate crude relative risk according to Pike [7] and a logistic model fitted by maximum likelihood according to the method described by Cox [8] supported the conclusion that there was an elevated risk of cancer in the cervix among Lesotho women who consumed indigenous alcohols [17].
  • The bone marrow granulocyte-macrophage progenitor cells (CFU-C) in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) were estimated according to the double-layer soft agar system of Pike and Robinson [18].

Associations of CENTG1 with chemical compounds

  • Helmet use was significantly (P < .001) higher in Beachwood, with legislation and education, than in the other communities; helmet use was significantly (P < .001) higher in Orange, with legislation alone, than in Moreland Hills and Pepper Pike, with no programs [19].
  • For Pike III, acidic pH, sodium dodecyl sulfate or complete removal of Ca2+ show little effect in the far ultraviolet region but rather strong effects in the near ultraviolet [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CENTG1

  • The apparatus is particularly useful for the microtitre tray antibody-forming cell plaque assay described by Pike et al [21].
  • Data from a case-control study of breast cancer in 441 cases and matched controls aged less than or equal to 38 in Los Angeles is fitted to two models of carcinogenesis: the two-stage model of Moolgavkar and Knudson; and a multistage adaptation of the log/log model proposed by Pike et al [22].


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