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Gene Review

cdk1-a  -  cyclin-dependent kinase 1

Xenopus laevis

Synonyms: PSTAIR, cdc-2, cdc2, cdc2-a, cdc28a, ...
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Disease relevance of cdc2


High impact information on cdc2

  • However, p72 directly associates with cdc2-cyclin B in a cell cycle-dependent manner, reaching a peak at M phase [2].
  • Oscillation of MPF is accompanied by periodic association between cdc25 and cdc2-cyclin B [2].
  • The cdc25 protein is a highly specific tyrosine phosphatase that triggers mitosis by dephosphorylating the cdc2 protein kinase [3].
  • Our results indicate that in higher eukaryotes, DNA replication (G1-S) and mitosis (G2-M) may be controlled by distinctly different cdc2 proteins [4].
  • In some organisms the activation of the kinase at the G2/M boundary is due to dephosphorylation of a highly conserved tyrosine residue at position 15 (Y15) of the cdc2 protein [5].

Biological context of cdc2

  • Ablation of cyclin A messenger RNA in cytostatic factor/metaphase-arrested extracts of Xenopus eggs, followed by in vitro progression into interphase, resulted in the premature appearance of cyclin B-cdc2-associated H1 kinase activity and premature entry into mitosis [6].
  • Kinetic studies demonstrate the concentration of cyclin A added does not affect the 10 min lag period required for kinase activation or the timing of maximal activity, but does control the rate of deactivation of cdc2 kinase during exit from mitosis [7].
  • The 42-kD cyclin was also produced by the digestion of native cyclin B forming a complex with cdc2, a catalytic subunit of MPF, and a fragment transiently appeared during cyclin degradation when eggs were released from metaphase II arrest by egg activation [8].
  • Suppressing down-regulation of MAPK at fertilization, for example by constitutively activating the upstream MAPK cascade, specifically suppresses cyclin B-cdc2 kinase activation and its consequence, entry into first mitosis [9].
  • Phosphorylation of cyclin B1 is not required for cdc2 binding or cdc2 kinase activity [10].

Anatomical context of cdc2


Associations of cdc2 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of cdc2

  • Porcine brain neurofilament-H tail domain kinase: its identification as cdk5/p26 complex and comparison with cdc2/cyclin B kinase [18].

Enzymatic interactions of cdc2


Regulatory relationships of cdc2


Other interactions of cdc2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of cdc2


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