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Gene Review

DMD  -  dystrophin

Gallus gallus

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  • Finally, we have established that the NH2-terminal domain of dystrophin is functionally as well as structurally homologous to that in alpha-actinin [7].
  • In developing electrocytes (45-mm embryo), dystrophin is already detectable at the acetylcholine receptor-rich ventral pole of the cells before the entry of the electromotor axons [14].
  • In the present study, we investigated the subcellular distribution of dystrophin in the adult electrocyte from Torpedo marmorata and the evolution of its distribution during embryogenesis [14].
  • Like dystrophin, utrophin has been shown to be associated with a membrane-bound glycoprotein complex [16].
  • However, dystrophin, which displayed a diffuse distribution earlier, now colocalized with the alpha 5 beta 1 integrin in the punctate lattice [15].

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Co-localisations of DMD

  • These intensely stained striations and scattered patches of dystrophin were colocalized with those of vinculin [18].

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