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Gene Review

PDGFB  -  platelet-derived growth factor beta...

Bos taurus

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Disease relevance of PDGFB


High impact information on PDGFB


Biological context of PDGFB

  • Down-regulation of PDGF-B gene expression by small interfering RNAs completely inhibited the PEDF-induced DNA synthesis in pericytes [9].
  • However, transfection of ECs with hybrid promoter constructs containing the SV40 sequence promoter downstream of the SSRE or the -153 PDGF-B promoter sequence bearing a mutation in the SSRE demonstrated that the SSRE was not necessary for inducible reporter gene expression in ECs exposed to cyclic strain [10].
  • Antisense oligodeoxyribonucleotides complementary to mRNA encoding a receptor for AGE were found to reverse both the PDGF-B upregulation and the AGE-induced DNA synthesis [3].

Anatomical context of PDGFB


Associations of PDGFB with chemical compounds


Other interactions of PDGFB


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