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Gene Review

SUP  -  transcriptional regulator protein SUPERMAN

Arabidopsis thaliana

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Disease relevance of SUP


High impact information on SUP

  • The putative SUPERMAN protein contains one zinc-finger and a region resembling a basic leucine zipper motif, suggesting a function in transcriptional regulation [2].
  • These cmt3 mutants display a wild-type morphology but exhibit decreased CpXpG methylation of the SUP gene and of other sequences throughout the genome [3].
  • Seven heritable but unstable sup epi-alleles (the clark kent alleles) are associated with nearly identical patterns of excess cytosine methylation within the SUP gene and a decreased level of SUP RNA [4].
  • The pattern of PI expression also depends on the activity of the floral development genes APETALA2 and SUPERMAN and on the activity of PI itself [5].
  • The petunia ortholog of Arabidopsis SUPERMAN plays a distinct role in floral organ morphogenesis [6].

Biological context of SUP


Anatomical context of SUP

  • Together with our previous study of FON1, these results clearly indicate that the FON1-FON2 system in rice corresponds to the CLV signaling system in Arabidopsis and suggest that the negative regulation of stem cell identity by these systems may be principally conserved in a wide range of plants within the Angiosperms [9].

Associations of SUP with chemical compounds

  • Here, we report the synthesis and UV and NMR spectroscopic structural characterization of a 37 amino acid SUPERMAN region complexed to a Zn(2+) ion (Zn-SUP37) and present the first high-resolution structure of a classical zinc finger domain from a plant protein [10].
  • The SUP gene encodes a transcription factor with a C2H2-type zinc finger motif, a serine/proline-rich domain, a basic domain, and a leucine-zipper-like domain and is expressed in a very limited region in stamen primordia and in the developing ovary during flower development [11].
  • The gene FLORAL ORGAN NUMBER1 regulates floral meristem size in rice and encodes a leucine-rich repeat receptor kinase orthologous to Arabidopsis CLAVATA1 [12].
  • Comparison of the methylated sequences in SUPERMAN and AGAMOUS suggests that hypermethylation could involve DNA secondary structures formed by pyrimidine-rich sequences [13].
  • In contrast, segregants lacking the METI antisense construct and epimutants with a hypermethylated allele of sup (clark kent 3), both of which have active METI genes, showed a higher frequency of methylation of CpG dinucleotides and of asymmetric cytosines [14].

Regulatory relationships of SUP

  • We cloned ARGONAUTE4 (AGO4) from a screen for mutants that suppress silencing of the Arabidopsis SUPERMAN (SUP) gene [15].
  • Microscopic observations revealed that the innermost-whorl carpels had been replaced by stamen-like organs, which resembled the flowers of the previously described Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. mutation superman as well as those ectopically expressing the AP3 gene [16].

Other interactions of SUP

  • The spatial pattern of AGAMOUS expression remains unaltered in superman flowers as compared to wild-type flowers [8].
  • In addition, superman mutants exhibit a loss of determinacy of the floral meristem, an effect that appears to be mediated by the APETALA3 and PISTILLATA gene products [8].
  • However, SUP does not act merely through UFO, as constitutive expression of UFO did not rescue the defects in petal and stamen development in AP1::SUP flowers [17].
  • Thus, drm mutants prevent the establishment but not the maintenance of gene silencing at FWA and SUP, suggesting that the DRMs encode the major de novo methylation enzymes affecting these genes [18].
  • We suggest that the extensive SUP methylation in car has arisen from an abundant methylation of a single CpG site that was already present in abscisic acid-insensitive (abi3-4) mutants, from which car was segregating [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SUP


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