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Disease relevance of Hemothorax


High impact information on Hemothorax


Chemical compound and disease context of Hemothorax

  • The delayed traumatic hemothorax in this case occurred on treatment with ticlopidine and did not recur with continuation of aspirin alone [7].

Anatomical context of Hemothorax

  • All cases with FR had the mediastinal abnormalities of "grossly widened mediastinum" + hemothorax; 10/11 had an episode of transient hypotension that initially responded to fluid resuscitation before their terminal event [11].
  • 2 days later--after diagnosis of an extended hemothorax: 1500 ml blood were obtained after thoracocentesis, transfusion of packed red blood cells was necessary--rt-PA was stopped, with only heparin (400 U/kg/d) being administered [12].
  • During placement, the superior vena cava, pleura, and pulmonary tissue were punctured, resulting in a tension pneumo/hemothorax, the detection of which was complicated by its slow onset and unusual location [13].

Gene context of Hemothorax


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