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Chemical Compound Review

Ticlid     3-[(2-chlorophenyl)methyl]-7- thia-3...

Synonyms: Ticlopidina, ticlopidine, Ticlopidinum, CHEMBL833, SureCN4204, ...
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Psychiatry related information on TICLOPIDINE HYDROCHLORIDE

  • The three-year event rate for nonfatal stroke or death from any cause was 17 percent for ticlopidine and 19 percent for aspirin--a 12 percent risk reduction (95 percent confidence interval, -2 to 26 percent) with ticlopidine (P = 0.048 for cumulative Kaplan-Meier estimates) [5].
  • Individual patient-by-patient analysis shows that patency of all grafts at each study time, is more frequent in the ticlopidine group [6].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TICLOPIDINE HYDROCHLORIDE

  • In patients examined, these abnormalities resolved upon the remission that accompanied plasma exchange and discontinuation of ticlopidine therapy [34].
  • METHODS AND RESULTS: We randomized 350 high-risk patients within 6 hours after stent implantation to receive during 30 days either aspirin 250 mg and ticlopidine 500 mg/d (A+T group) or aspirin 250 mg/d and oral anticoagulation (A+OAC group) targeted at an international normalized ratio of 2.5 to 3 [35].
  • Two major factors exhibited time-dependent variations of their influence: while residual dissections were the dominant risk factor within the first 3 days with a reduction after that, no protective effect of ticlopidine could be identified before day 3 [36].
  • Thirty patients underwent PTCA; 15 of them were not treated with ticlopidine and 15 were given ticlopidine (> or = 72 h) [13].
  • METHODS: Published data from trials and registries that compared clopidogrel with ticlopidine in patients receiving coronary stents were pooled, and a formal meta-analysis was performed [37].


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