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Meningitis, Aseptic

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Anatomical context of Meningitis, Aseptic

  • The influence of CSF on the active and total E-rosette test with peripheral blood (PB) lymphocytes of 12 children with aseptic meningitis (AM) was estimated [15].
  • This phenomenon might in part explain the higher proportion of T cells appearing in the CSF during aseptic meningitis [15].
  • The identification of a specific viral agent in body fluids, especially the CSF, in a patient with aseptic meningitis is of more than academic interest, since it can shorten duration of hospital stay and eliminate unnecessary antimicrobial therapy [16].
  • Synthesis of the complement factors C3 and C4 within the central nervous system over the course of aseptic meningitis [17].
  • The determinations of CSF/plasma C9 ratio and C9 index, equal to (CSF C9/plasma C9): (CSF albumin/plasma albumin), thus accounting for changes of plasma C9 levels as well as damaged blood brain barrier, documented the existence of local consumption of C9 in aseptic meningitis [18].

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