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Chemical Compound Review

Tolectin     2-[1-methyl-5-(4- methylphenyl)carbonyl...

Synonyms: tolmetin, Tolmetina, Tolmetine, Tolmetino, Tolmetinum, ...
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Anatomical context of tolmetin

  • The average half-lives of tolmetin in plasma and synovial fluid were 6.77 +/- 1.47 hr and 6.90 +/- 2.3 hr [17].
  • Distribution of tolmetin in the whole blood of 8 healthy subjects using a centrifugation technique showed that the drug was not taken up by red blood cells at therapeutic concentrations [20].
  • 6 From these results, it is concluded that the site of anti-writhing action of tolmetin sodium is in the peritoneum and that tolmetin sodium produces its anti-writhing action mainly by a peripheral mechanism in the rat [21].
  • 3 When the rat was given tolmetin sodium 5 mg/kg orally, a relatively large quantity of tolmetin was found in the peritoneal exudate and there was a rough correlation between anti-writhing activity and the exudate tolmetin content [21].
  • This normalization of T-cell function by tolmetin was associated with clinical improvement [22].

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