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Coombs' Test

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Gene context of Coombs' Test

  • Furthermore, the reaction was accompanied by a strongly positive Coombs test and increased TNF-alpha and IL-10 serum levels which returned to normal following anti-inflammatory drug administration [29].
  • DNA antibody, and direct antiglobulin test were observed in 30%, 14%, 7% and 12%, respectively, and a CD4/CD8 ratio < 1 was observed in 20% [30].
  • Direct coombs test and protein C, C3, and C4 were also within normal levels [31].
  • The mixed antiglobulin test detected antibody in the sera of patients on chronic dialysis two to four times more frequently than did either the immune adherence test or the most sensitive modification of the microlymphocytotoxicity test which was utilized [32].
  • The direct antiglobulin test was positive in all but one case; this finding coincided with elevated unconjugated bilirubin in 14 cases and decreased haptoglobin levels in 15 cases [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Coombs' Test


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