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Chemical Compound Review

Iodine-123     iodane

Synonyms: AC1L2Y42, 123I, 15715-08-9, Iodine, isotope of mass 123, Iodine, isotope of mass 123, at.
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Disease relevance of hydrogen iodide


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Chemical compound and disease context of hydrogen iodide


Biological context of hydrogen iodide

  • PURPOSE: To evaluate the feasibility of noninvasive imaging of estrogen receptors (ERs) in primary and metastatic breast cancer with the iodine-123-labeled ER-specific ligand cis-11beta-methoxy-17alpha-iodovinylestradiol-17beta (Z-[123I]MIVE) using conventional nuclear medicine techniques [21].
  • OBJECTIVES: We sought to prospectively compare the prognostic value of cardiac iodine-123 (I-123) metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) imaging with that of heart rate variability (HRV) in patients with mild-to-moderate chronic heart failure (HF) [22].
  • Inhalation scintigraphy with iodine-123-labeled interferon gamma-1b: pulmonary deposition and dose escalation study in healthy volunteers [23].
  • The aim of our study was to examine the early kinetics of I*-FIAU and the possibility of utilising iodine-123-labelled FIAU for imaging of gene expression [24].
  • Iodine-123 orthoiodohippurate (OIH) scintigraphy and simultaneous para-aminohippurate clearance study for measuring standard ERPF were performed in three hospitals in 24 patients with normal or mildly impaired renal function [25].

Anatomical context of hydrogen iodide


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of hydrogen iodide


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