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Hospitals, Animal

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  • Halothane, administered through an anesthetic machine, proved to be effective for use in a veterinary hospital [13].
  • To examine the efficacy and safety of milrinone to treat myocardial failure in dogs, dogs with myocardial failure were selected from the patient populations of 3 veterinary hospitals [14].
  • This study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of a citronella bark collar and a new, scentless spray bark collar in a veterinary hospital or a similar kennel-type environment [15].
  • Characteristic polioencephalomalacic autofluorescence was seen under long ultraviolet radiation of four fresh brains examined in the veterinary clinic and two formalin-fixed brains sectioned and examined in the laboratory [16].
  • A serological survey with latex agglutination test to detect anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies was conducted on 800 serum samples collected from domiciled cats at animal hospitals in various areas of Japan. The overall prevalence was 6.0% (48/800) [17].

Gene context of Hospitals, Animal

  • Assessment of the quality of radiographs in 44 veterinary clinics in Great Britain [18].
  • CONCLUSIONS AND CLINICAL RELEVANCE: CSF samples collected at veterinary clinics remote from a diagnostic laboratory or during nonoperational hours may be preserved through the addition of autologous serum [19].


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