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Physicians' Offices

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  • One swab was tested for streptococcal antigen by physicians' office nurses and the other was cultured on both aerobic blood agar and anaerobic trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole blood agar plates [5].
  • Blood pressure values measured at the physician's office were not significantly decreased by one month of treatment with one (n = 2) or two (n = 5) once-weekly applied clonidine transdermal disks [6].
  • BACKGROUND: Previous studies have shown that in the treated fraction of the hypertensive population, blood pressure (BP) control is less common for systolic BP (SBP) than for diastolic BP (DBP) as measured in the physician's office [7].
  • Health departments should consider efforts to improve reporting from private physician offices and should evaluate the use of laboratory-initiated CD4 reporting [8].
  • Results showed significant decreases in the mean number of migraine-related physician office visits, emergency department visits, and medical procedures in the 6 months after sumatriptan therapy compared with the 6 months before sumatriptan was used (P<.05) [9].

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Gene context of Physicians' Offices

  • CONCLUSION: For many patients, hereditary hemochromatosis can be diagnosed and treated in the physician's office [16].
  • Serial CEA assays and routine visits to a physician's office were the most useful tests in this study population [17].
  • Several physicians' office laboratories (POLS) have closed their doors in response both to regulatory restrictions imposed by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 and to managed care infiltration [18].
  • These data suggest that a single time-point determination (50 min) could rapidly identify DPD-deficient individuals with a less costly and time-consuming method that is applicable for most hospitals or physicians' offices [19].
  • Use of home care, durable medical equipment (DME), and physicians' office services also increased sharply during the last 90 days of life, but with no consistent evidence that the introduction of PPS was associated with these changes or with the level or mix of Medicare expenditures for these patients [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Physicians' Offices


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