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Chromatography, Paper

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Chemical compound and disease context of Chromatography, Paper


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Associations of Chromatography, Paper with chemical compounds

  • Deacetylation was demonstrated as a change of the substrate radioactivity into free glucosamine trapped by a cation exchange resin, and this was subsequently confirmed by paper chromatography [24].
  • Tritiated thymine and uracil, which were not incorporated to any appreciable extent by DNA- and RNA-synthesizing cells, were identified by paper chromatography as the primary products arising from nucleosidase degradation of radiolabeled thymidine, uridine, and cytidine [25].
  • In 24 cases, the relative percentages of biosynthetically labeled non-, mono-, di-, and tri-O-acetylated sialic acids were measured after hydrolytic release, separation, and identification by paper chromatography [26].
  • The latter oligosaccharide was detected on paper chromatography only as a smearing of Man7GlcNAc and Gal1Man6GlcNAc when cells were labeled with [2-3H] mannose, thus indicating that it was only present in minute amounts [27].
  • They were separated by paper chromatography and were characterized by Sephadex G-25 column chromatography, by affinity column chromatography on concanavalin A-Sepharose, and by successive digestion with alpha-mannosidase and beta-mannosidase [28].

Gene context of Chromatography, Paper

  • Paper chromatography of an NADH-GDH assay mixture containing the partially purified enzyme showed that glutamate was, indeed, a product of the ammonia-assimilating reaction [29].
  • Three peptides, CN1, CN2, and CN4, which represent approximately 85% of the total amino acids of H315 were isolated and further characterized by electrophoresis and paper chromatography [30].
  • We demonstrated by paper chromatography that the purified neuC gene product catalyzed the formation of [2-(14)C]acetamidoglucal and [N-(14)C]acetylmannosamine (ManNAc) from UDP-[(14)C]GlcNAc [31].
  • Oligosaccharides that migrated on paper chromatography as Man6-30GlcNAc standards were obtained upon treatment of delipidated proteins with a protease and endo-beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase H [32].
  • Under conditions of limiting substrate, the 32P-labeled products were separated from the substrates by paper chromatography and identified as HA-[32P]UDP saccharides based on their degradation by snake venom phosphodiesterase or hyaluronidase and by their binding to a specific HA-binding protein [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Chromatography, Paper


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