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Disease relevance of Hypesthesia

  • We have treated nine patients suffering from severe occipital pain with associated C2 hypesthesia, unilateral retro-orbital pain, and occipital or C2 tubercle trigger points by intradurally sectioning the C1-C4 dorsal rootlets (C4 if shoulder pain existed) [1].
  • Quantitative sensory testing revealed that pain induced by intracutaneous capsaicin injection elicited secondary hyperalgesia coexisting with secondary tactile hypoesthesia [2].
  • The reduced sensation of dyspnea during exercise by inhaled oxitropium bromide in severe COPD patients [3].
  • Temporal arteritis was suspected and prednisolone started with prompt resolution of the headache, chin hypoesthesia, ESR, and CRP [4].
  • These included 16 patients with hypesthesia of the infraorbital nerve, 5 patients with sinusitis, 3 patients who had incomplete decompression, 2 patients with oral antral fistulae, and 1 patient who had CSF rhinorrhea [5].

Psychiatry related information on Hypesthesia


High impact information on Hypesthesia

  • Recent clinical trials indicated that an inhibitor of aldose reductase (AR), the rate-limiting enzyme in the polyol pathway, significantly improved hypesthesia in diabetic patients [7].
  • The most common adverse events related to amprenavir were headache, nausea, and hypesthesia [8].
  • This unilateral absence of pain was not related to the hypoesthesia that was caused by the operation, and it was associated with a decrease in vascular responses (histamine-induced facial flushing and increase in temperature) on the side operated on [9].
  • Neurological examination disclosed chin hypoesthesia while investigations showed a normocytic anemia, ESR of 100, and CRP of 72 [4].
  • CLINICAL PRESENTATION: A young man presented with subacute left facial hypesthesia and chronic asymmetrical sensorineural hearing loss [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hypesthesia

  • This finding suggests that, contrary to the general belief, persistent hypesthesia after glycerol rhizolysis is a negative indicator of long-term success [11].
  • We present a case of glove and stocking hypoesthesia, weakness of the flexor muscle of the right great toe, palpable thickening of the right popliteal nerve, and hypoesthetic but normal-appearing areas on the back, which developed in a Trinidadian immigrant who lived in Canada for 16 years [12].
  • Fifteen minutes after the injection of 10 ml mepivacaine, the dermatome levels of hypesthesia to cold and pinprick were determined by an individual blinded to the saline volume [13].
  • The effect of corneal hypesthesia on the duration of proparacaine anesthetic eyedrops [14].
  • PURPOSE: To determine whether substance P concentrations in tears reflect corneal hypesthesia [15].

Biological context of Hypesthesia

  • Subjects were also subgrouped into three groups (normal, insulin resistance, and diabetes) according to glucose metabolic status, and those with hypoesthesia at each frequency were excluded in the analyses [16].

Anatomical context of Hypesthesia


Gene context of Hypesthesia


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hypesthesia


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